Excelsior launched in January of 2004. Within a year, it had become an industry leader in digital video production and web delivery. Headquartered in Las Vegas, our presence is nationwide, and our reach is truly global. We set the standard for quality within our industry, as well as leading our peers in adopting new technology and approaches to creating and delivering digital services and products.


As support for SOPA wanes, copyright issues persist
Brian Dunlap is no stranger to the casualties of illegal downloading. One of the clients at his digital media firm managed to sell 10 copies of an instructional DVD before it was posted online and downloaded 10,000 times for free within a matter of weeks.

Internet companies face long piracy fight
Antipiracy bills under consideration in Congress are flawed, but their goal is valid.

Wikipeda blackout: Are US anti-piracy laws ‘internet censorship’ or copyright protection?
Has the issue of internet piracy got lost in the anti-SOPA protests?

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